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    Hi all,

    First things first sorry for my bad English since it is not my native language.

    Ok so i recently bought a raspberry pi and wanted to install retropie on that.
    Everything went well till i had to configure my controller.

    The controller i have is an Retrolink SNES usb controller. It works fine in the menu but when ever i try to start an Sega game or an SNES game the controls don’t work.

    i found out that i also have 2 retroarch folders. 1 called RetroArch and one called retroarch.

    I see that the map retroarch has all the button configs (even the one i made myself in the retropi_setup. If i want to copy everything to the RetroArch folder it says i have no permission.

    How can i configure my retrolink controller so that it works on my retropie setup? i had this struggle the past 4 hours to find a fix and find a way to get my SNES usb controller to work but till now no result. i also tried to start from a fresh install.

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    I’m not sure of the full paths where you say you have 2 retroarch folders.
    If it is

    then you have 2.3 and 2.4 installed at once. I’d just use the 2.4.2 image and dont update it. If you use the RetroPie image you dont need to install/update the binaries etc..

    You can see how to configure controller here:

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    Hello Floob,

    Ok i am going to put the image back on it again and don’t update it. maybe that help.

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