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    Hi, gang,

    I’ve run into a little inconvenience that I’m trying to rectify.

    For my Player 1 controller, I am using a wireless XBOX360. It’s working great and does everything I want.

    For my Player 2 controller, I am using a USB gamepad modelled on an SNES controller. It works perfectly as well.

    Here’s the hiccup: whenever I open any game system (other than a MAME game), the config appears to overwrite the input settings for Player 2, and sets it for a Wireless XBOX controller.

    If I take the time to reconfigure the input settings through the RetroArch menu, the USB controller works as well as ever (and I save the config every time I do this)…but the second I exit the game and launch a ROM (even the same ROM), the RetroArch menu indicates that Player 2 has reset to Wireless XBOX controller and that all the inputs for P2 are blank.

    I’ve noticed that this is not a problem for MAME. MAME seems to remember to look for the USB controller for Player 2 every time.

    My hypothesis is that the Microsoft wireless adapter is detecting four wireless controllers (even though I only have one), and that the RetroArch console emulators are somehow automatically resetting the second player controller configurations.

    It’s not the end of the world to have to input the second controller each time I load a multiplayer ROM since I usually play one-player games anyway (which might be more of a comment on my social life than anything), but it is something to fix.

    Any fixes or suggestions?


    (Bonus Problem: Also, if anyone knows how to restore the EmulationStation background themes without completely starting over, I am all ears…they stopped showing up during a battle I had with some function keys…I’ve search for similar threads, but I didn’t see any with a solution other than reinstalling retropie.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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