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    Hi Guys,

    I am finishing up a bartop kit. I really tried to include everything I have learned/wanted over the last 10 years or so building these things. We just got the first prototype put together yesterday and I think we are really close. Wanted to hit some expertise here to give me some input on design changes or additional offerings that would make the kit more complete.

    My Main Goals:

    • No painting and/or easy to apply graphics
    • No power tools needed
    • Easy to assemble via cam lock system
    • Accommodate a 22″ widescreen monitor
    • Includes all plexiglass pre-cut
    • Includes photoshop files so it is easy to design your own graphics
    • pocketed so under mounting sanwa joysticks are high enough on control panel
    • No hidden huge shipping costs
    • Very reasonable overall cost
    • Rear door opens on hinge for easy access
    • Room for micro ATX motherboard and power supply for HyperSpin type setups (most people will probably opt for Rpi2 with Emulationstation)

    Also, the prototype does not have tmolding slots, but the production unit will…

    You can see the full description here http://gameroomsolutions.com/shop/bartop-arcade-kit-deluxe/

    Attached are some pictures of the prototype and here are the few changes left to make (unless you guys give me a few others that make sense)

    We need to move the monitor back and change the angle, the drill bit went too deep on a few spots, one cam lock rod was in the incorrect place, and we are going to pre-drill joystick holes through both the control panel wood and plex for even easier assemble. The goal is you will not need any power tools, just a simple phillips screwdriver and 15 min!
    Additional changes: We are going to offer a 1 or 2 player control panel board (with accompanying plexi match). The 2 player control panel is as listed. We are working on a new design for the 1 player that will have 1 player controls (like you see on the two player board), but also support a 2″ trackball where the two player is located in the product pictures. The 1 player with trackball option will be available within two weeks of the 2 player launch.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    [attachment file=”front-view.jpg”]


    more pics


    Looks really cool!
    A Couple of questions,
    Will it be the case as a kit, a kit with the buttons and sticks, or a all in one with the pi?

    Will there be access to USB ports somewhere w/o having to go into the case, same with ethernet.

    As an aside, have you ever done a cocktail pi case?


    It will contain basically everything but actual tmolding (it will have the slots), Rpi/Pc, Monitor, Power supply. If you check the link you will see you can add joysticks, buttons, etc. I talked with my CNC guy about USB on the outside of the cabinet, but for now that will need to be a modification people do when they receive it as that is too customized for a large run. USB hubs come in different sizes, etc.

    Based on feedback from other forums, I am going to change the button layout to a curved instead of street fighter and put the player buttons on the control panel.

    Thank you for the feedback!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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