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    I would like to make a clone of my SD card Rpi2 with retropie and all the roms,configs and setups i´ve made.

    I tried doing a read and load in windisk32. but that only instaled the retropie image, with no roms or setup i have created.

    quite new to retropie. so hope someone could help

    best regards

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    Simply put your card with your existing installation in to a USB card reader and get the correct drive letter from Windows Explorer. Make sure the correct drive letter is selected in WinDisk32. Give the image a name like RetroPie_Backup_4-2-2015.img. Click read.

    After waiting what can seem like an eternity, you will have your backup image.

    To put your backup image on a card, the process is the same as writing the initial RetroPie image. Put your clean card in the card reader. Make sure you select the correct drive letter. Select your RetroPie_Backup_4-2-2015.img. Click write.

    Wait another eternity and you should have a copy of your original installation.

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    Super! that did it . done-checked-solved!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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