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    I’m wondering if there is a way to alter the main bar that come across the middle of the screen showing the stystem.

    Photo of what I mean is here:

    System Select Screen

    What I want to do is get rid of the bar all together. I know how to alter the background and such, but I haven’t come across a way to remove that bar and edit it to a different look and I know some people in here can likely guide me to the right direction.

    I appreciate all the work put into the theme and ES as a whole, but we all have different tastes and though the theme looks nice, there are things that I would like to alter for my front end.

    Thanks as always!

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    While we’re at it, if it’s possible to alter the menus that would be cool to know as well. I believe I had seen something on it before. The main reason for me is the colour and a bit of the styling on the menu doesn’t match my theme, and even if I could invert the menu to be black with white or light grey text would be a bit better for my over all look.

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    Sorry for the digging, but anyone has an answer for this ?

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    I believe you can’t do this via the theme xml files or ES cfg files – it is hard coded into ES. Sorry.

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