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    Hey guys. Is there a changelog that explains the changes between versions? Would it make sense to add a page to the site that includes this? I’m trying to figure out what 3.0 beta includes.

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    There is a changelog on the download page. For more detail you can check the commit history on github.

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    Considering that performing a search on the forums for ‘changelog’ or ‘change log’ yeild no results; considering that performing a search on the forums for ‘3.0’ in hopes that a sticky was created with the various update information; considering that the drop down menu for the main site nor does the actual downloads page (/retropie-downloads/) contain the information I requested, I’d appreciate it, oldchocobo, if you didn’t call me lazy.

    Thank you buzz for the answer.

    For anyone looking, you have to click on the individual download that you want for the change log at the bottom of your download options.

    Perhaps it would make sense to create a single page (or sticky) that has all the change logs from version to version so we could see all the work being done. I know it’s easy to go to github to see the changes, but this site appears to serve as the central point for information and downloads.

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    and maybe, just maybe, one day oldchocobo might take 5 seconds to consider how other people might feel and might actually say something nice AND productive…

    I’ve added a changelog page to the Wiki (believe it or not, the wiki is now somewhat useful due to recent changes) as well that shows the changelogs from version one to the current 3.0 BETA version:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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