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    I have some annoying problems in retroarch.

    1) cave story does not save
    – when you hit save in game it says “game saved”, when you try to save again every save slot is empty.
    2) snes usb controller is not working properly on snes emulator. for example SMB4: it works perfectly (dpad, buttons) in menu and select 1 player etc but when the first level actually starts, nothing is working anymore. This is so weird because these buttons work before you actually try to move mario…

    what I have done:
    -Installed retropie2.2 like instructed
    – updated rpi firmware
    – configured controller for retropie
    – expanded CD space

    please help, this is so frustrating. none of the web or youtube tutorials helped :/

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    Re: cave story saves – the save game folder is probably write protected (this was the case in v2.1).
    I’ll check later on to be sure, but the folder is located in emulatorcores/nxengine-liberato/datafiles.
    When the saves work properly, they will appear here as Profile.dat.
    I made the folder writeable by logging into the pi as administrator through winSCP and changing the folder properties. Others here will probably use nice command lines. Hope this helps!

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    Yes it helps, you need to add write access to others for whole nxengine directory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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