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    I’m hoping someone can chime in and help me figure out what I am missing.

    I’m using an original SNES controller with the attached port and a Rpi model B, emulation station 2.x.

    I’m on my second GPIO adapter after I was unable to resolve this issue with the first one. I’ve assembled the board and verified continuity between the solder points (at least for Vcc and ground as the buffer prevents the others while off).

    I’ve installed the image to an SD card and have also installed binaries as well as the SNESDev set to be polling pads and buttons.

    uinput is running and verified, SNESDev is also running as a service and is verified.

    However, I cannot get jstest to recognize the controllers. Neither port, nor controller work. I’ve tried reinstalls, updates, resolders, the works.

    I’m using HDMI, hardwire Cat5, and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

    I’ve got the controller ports soldered to the original SNES daughter board that provides light to the power light, which is illuminated when the system is on (verifying power).

    Is there anything else someone can suggest that I may be missing? I’m happy to provide any further information upon request.

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    Similar to another post ( I can only try to ask some helpful questions so far:

    Can you post one or two pictures here?
    Did you check all connections between the ribbon cable and the connectors?
    Does your setup look like the one at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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