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    I’ve tried every config and settings menu/file I can find and I can’t page up/down in game lists.

    Have a Pi 2 with 8bitdo SNES30 2.68b in snes9x-next list that is working great otherwise. Even duplicated L/R button ID’s to the top and the analog clicker 3rd set of L/R.

    The only thing of note is the L/R works for going to the top and bottom of the Select/Start menu’s in Emulationstation, but not the game list.

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    I did a fresh install of 3.6 yesterday on a pi3, same issue.

    I updated the retropie-setup and did a binary update of emulationstation, and that fixed the problem.

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    page up / down doesnt work until ES is restarted – known issue –

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    been restarted dozens of times.

    will try the update

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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