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    I’m having a problem getting the settings menu to work in Mame 2010. I can bring it up using the Left Trigger on player 1, and I can navigate up and down with the keyboard and the joystick. But I can’t select any of the options on the menu to change any of the configurations. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It works for all other mame versions that I’ve tried i.e. Mame 2003, Mame4all

    Also the only way to bring the menu up is with left trigger… TAB which normally is the default MAME config key doesn’t do anything. The only buttons the keyboard that do anything are up and down arrow keys.

    Pi 2
    Retropie version: 3.3.1
    Xbox 360 Wireless controller using xboxdrv

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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