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    I downloaded the sd-card image of retropie and copied over some snes games (for example Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country).
    But there seems to be problem with loading the saved games.
    After I exit the emulator there is a *.srm file being created (2048kB). So this seems not to be a problem of userrights.
    After I start the game, I see an empty saved game slot (i.e. in Super Mario World: “MARIO A … 0”).
    I also tried setting the auosave_interval and changing the savefile_directory but this makes no difference :-(
    What else can I try to use the srm Files properly?

    I have an RasPi 1
    Linux retropie 3.18.11+ #781 PREEMPT Tue Apr 21 18:02:18 BST 2015 armv6l

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    Do bear in mind the difference between save slots/states and srm files.
    Check out these videos.

    It should auto load the srm without issue – you should be able to tell in SMW by the save game slot (of the three that are shown) – just make sure you complete the first stage or so, so it has something to save.

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    @Floob: Thank you for the fast reply.
    The save states work without issues (tested with autosave on exit, autoload on start of the rom).
    But the srm files are either not saved correctly or not being loaded correctly. I finished various stages and tested with SMW and Donkey Kong Country. Tomorrow I’ll try and diff the srm files before and after finishing a stage to check if something has been written.
    Is there a log file I can check for potential errors ?

    *cough* finishing stages does not mean that SMW saves…
    You have to beat a castle,switch palace, or beat a ghost house…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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