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    Like I told in my other topic, Friday I’m finally having my RPi 2:-). Bought it because of its performance ofcours, not in the least case because I always use sharers to smooten things.

    Now I’ll never figure out if I do or don’t want to use scanlines ( without looks more hi def, but than again less retro.dilemma!)
    I’m looking for smoothen the picture a fair bit, and have subtil crt or lcd filter on top of it. Nothing that makes me see lines dancing everywhere after playing about an hour or so. I do play sitting relative close to my 55″ lcd.

    I found something I guess looks a bit like I’m looking for, but cannot figure it out what I’ll have to use in retropie to accomplish it. I added the picture I found below. Hope someone here can tell me a bit more what they used here, and, if it’s possible in retropie! Thank you!

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    This video may help you out:

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    Thank you floob, I’ll take a look at it.
    Also found couple of images look alike.
    It’s somewhat the same, the close up one seems odd to me, really phosphor, what I do not see on the full picture…

    The problem is, I’m not sure whether or not to add scanlines.
    I’m close to a 55inch screen, and too much lines etc. Gives me headache! But smoothen things op with for instance like 4xbrz and without scanlines gives a nice cartoony look,but don’t know if that really takes the retro feel away. On the other hand that also looks very slick on big screen, more like the old ones are hd’ish almost…

    I keep switching that’s why I ask more opinions also, besides I don’t have any xbrz for instance on my retropie..

    That’s kind of why I’m looking for this bit of choose in the middle;smooth things big time with subtitle lines/raster because of the relatively large screen right in front of me.

    Edit: I found this video doing somewhat what I mean, making thing smooth as can be, but with a bit of lines in it. Hope someone can tell me a way to get this with my RPi running retropie. I really search everything I can, but again I come out with a video from someone doing something…!?

    Link didn’t work, sorry;

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