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    I got 2 questions!

    1, I´ve read somewhere that the emulation station got an “shutdown” option in the menu, is this true? (cant check my own atm) is it a “safe” shutdown then? so does it sends a shutdown -h now command?

    2, Is it possible to programm the botton on the GPIO adaptor to make it work as the esc botton on a keyboard when you are playing for example super mario ( when you press esc while playing you get to the ES screen)
    The thing i want is that when i press the bottom on the gpio adapter i want to get to “ES menus” so i can select a new game/new emulator

    Thanks for answers, love this blog!! keep to work going petrock!


    You can indeed shutdown from ES. Ifbyou setup the menu button on your controller press it and you can reboot, shutdown, refresh roms etc. If it isnt set then go to the controller setup panel in ES and reset your buttons to include it.

    Hope this helps, its from memory so please let me know if anything is unclear!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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