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    I have my 32gb sd card set up as a dual boot for Retropie / KODI. I’ve got it all set up perfect – very happy with everything and all is working perfect…… Apart from an issue I have suddenly developed when booting into Retropie?

    I have a boot video that fades perfectly into the Emulation Station logo and all was working great until I started fiddling with WiFi. Now it will play my video, go to a black screen for a while then display the ES logo and boot up. Its trying to do something in the background that I don’t want it to and it happens with or without a WiFi dongle plugged in.

    I have tried purge-removing Wicd-Curses, I have edited the /etc/network/interfaces file to have no mention of Wifi0 (forced Ethernet), but nothing helps with this delay. It only appeared since I fiddled with WiFi in the Retropie menu, and now I wish I hadn’t as I don’t even need it in retropie, only KODI (which handles the WiFi setup perfectly by itself).

    It is really getting on my nerves and its spoiling an otherwise perfect setup. Anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this issue?

    I should add that it can be intermittent, and sometimes performance appears to be affected too. :(

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