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    Hey there,
    I have been messing around with my new pi 2 with retropie, and have been able to get a stable clock, but I have been left with a few questions:
    My current over clock is:
    Arm Freq: 1050
    Core Freq: 550
    SDram Freq: 500
    Over_Volt: 0
    Gpu Mem: 384Mb
    Ps3 Controller
    Samsung EVO 32gb Class U1
    A good PSU

    one of my questions is what is the best overclock for retropie that is stable, and doesn’t use Over Volt? i pushed my pi pretty far and clocking the CPU to 1075 causes a very unstable launch and wont last on roms at all (see next question for more info on the No OV OC)

    What is more important for the emulators, (i know it varies from the different consoles, but im really focusing on Higher level emulation) GPU, CPU or RAM, because i have heard that the GPU is VERY power intensive, and if the emulators don’t use it too much i can under-clock these parts (maybe even to below base clock) to get more power to the CPU chip.

    Is 128mb GPU ram enough for exactly the same performance as 384 (noticeably, i mean) and will it make my overall performance better on the CPU side?

    And Finally, what emulators are more CPU/GPU intensive? I cant find a reasonable list anywhere, so i feel we need a list to get the best OC for the desired emulator use and to get the best performance for a specific group.

    Thanks in advance, it will really help me and hopefully others
    Any answers welcome to the questions, and Any Questions Please Ask!

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    I have everything working 100% with the standard Pi2 overclock of 1000mhz.

    I believe I’m running 128mb GPU RAM.

    Current using: MAME, PSX, Sega CD, Sega Genesis, SNES (including superFX games), NES. N64 games vary in accuracy but the ones that do work are 100%.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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