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    I successfully got Basilisk II running to the Macintosh Desktop by downloading The PERFORMA.ROM and MacStartup.img and placing them in the roms folder and renaming them mac.rom and disk.img respectively.

    When it comes to loading and playing games that is where my confusion comes in.

    -The 3 most common file types for mac roms are .sit, .toast, and .img. How do I mount these to play them?

    -Does mounting these file types involve Stuffit Expander and Disk Copy? If so how would I go about doing that?

    For things I have already tried I get error codes -36 (The ShrinkWrap engine has reported an error), -8812 (The Mount Image operation did no complete. When I try to copy the roms to the desktop or any other folder it tells me “The Command could not be completed, because the disk is locked.” Or when I try to open a .sit file it says it is locked so you will not be able to save changes.

    Does anyone have a step by step tutorial for this on RetroPie?


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