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    I can’t believe there isn’t a step-by-step guide to getting started. Or, if there is, it’s pretty hard to find. I have my roms, I have my pi-2, I have my sd-card, and I have my download. I *assume* you write the retropie image to the sd-card. Score! it boots up… but it complains that there are no roms. I have my roms on another USB… there is no “roms” directory on the sd-card… can somebody point me in the right direction? What’s next??

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    Follow up – I was able to create the ROMs directory on my USB card; and I copied all my roms. But when I start up RetroPie, it just takes me to the menu. When I choose the setup option, it sits there for a minute, and takes me BACK to the menu.

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    Run raspi-config first and expand your filesystem then reboot and then the setup script will work


    I also have a YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/channel/UCYdB7MovoH6yCzkVjTXeiIw) going step by step through each configuration, its a bit dated but it will cover for a lot of it. Floob and techtipsta also have really helpful videos. I will update the wiki once the latest beta is released since there will be some different (but easier) configurations particularly when it comes to controllers.

    Also if you installed retropie 3.0 you need to create a folder on your USB called retropie first see here:


    Then it will populate the ROMs folder once plugged into your pi, then you place your ROMs in the newly created folders and then plug back into the pi, once it stops blinking press f4 to refresh emulation station so your ROMs will show up or you can just reboot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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