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    I’m using the latest distibution of retropie (2.3) and wonder if there is a way to auto-unmount usb devices when shutting down? I’m pretty new to all of this (pi/linux) and already spent lots of time with experimenting and mucking around. I just wonder if there is any shutdown script somewhere that can be adjusted by adding a command line to unmount or something, before the shutdown is being called? The same for the sytsem reboot.

    I’m planning to run my pi (= console) in my living room with the roms being located on a usb stick (= cartridge) and I need to find a way to properly unmount the usb device when shutting down or rebooting the system, without having to use a keyboard to type any unmount commands each time.

    Any hint or solution is much appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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