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    I have scoured the web and tried everything that has been suggested on forums but I am still getting a constant audio hiss/static from my RPi 2 running RetroPie 2.3/2.6 through the 3.5mm audio jack. I have tried the following:

    – Several micro USB cables including good quality ones
    – different power supplies
    – updating RPi firmware
    – tested through an amp and headphones directly connected to Pi

    This is what I’m experiencing:

    Boots into emulationstation and all seems fine. No audio hiss at all. I launch a rom (any rom) and I hear the hiss for about half a second and then the terminal appears while the rom is loading (there is no hiss while the terminal is on screen). The rom loads and the hiss starts again. When I exit the rom back to emulationstation the hiss is constant. There was no his when it first booted into emulationstation but there is after I exit the rom.

    This seems so weird to me. I would appreciate any help.


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    I had the same issue- I was never able to solve it. I’m pretty sure its directly related to the raspberry pi rather than retropie or emulation station. I’ve seen a few posts of other people who have had the same issues with their raspberry pi’s on the raspberry pi forum.

    Youre best off using HDMI if at all possible. Also try switching around the wires even if they are the wrong colours as colour codes for 4 pole cables can be different than the typical rca colour codes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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