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    Has anyone gotten this to work at all? I can load a game, but cannot control it.
    I remember the 2600 had a stick for some games and paddles for others. A working cfg file would be a great start.

    Second; I love the Retropie Project, but the Forum could use some organization to reduce redundancy, and make it quicker to find answers to common problems. I understand that costs money, which is why I donated to this endeavor.

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    I can understand the issue with redundancy which is why I sorted out the wiki as best I could. I created it as I tested each emulator so it should cover for most issues for the basic setup and controls of each emulator.

    Plus people are just inherently impatient so its easier to throw out a post in frustration than it is to try and find a solution to a problem that was likely already solved in a previous post. But I do agree, the forum could use some better organisation.

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    I am happy about any suggestions for some organizational restructuring! Which forum organization would you propose?

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    It may help if there was a newbie forum, where a sticky emphasizing the Wiki and some help videos was in place. Called “Start Here” or something.
    That might head off the common, repetitive questions?

    Maybe even a few stickies in that forum, or a FAQ post.

    As currently the same questions are asked again and again.

    Separately, it might be an idea to dedicate a forum to controllers as this is one area its tricky to predefine in RetroPie – maybe it would help build more and more configs for known controllers. It could also be used to explain in a sticky what files are read for controller settings.

    If newbie questions and controllers were out of the main forum, maybe that would thin it out a bit?

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    I would have to agree with floob- 2 separate sections for new users and controllers would help thin the redundancy. Once you’ve sorted out input station I think that will really help with the controller issues. I think one other issue that’s is pretty common is mame and getting the right romsets- this thread may be useful as a stickie for mame:

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    The wiki answers the original poster’s question.
    I would like to add I was able to compile source on the pi2 at version 3.9.3. I could not compile the 4.0 and later sources.
    Last I checked, RetroArch had version 3.9.3 which should run all classic and modern game programs.
    But if any newer version is available let us all know.

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