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    Hello! I am new here and there is a project I’m working on. It’s (another) Pi2 inside a PS1 shell. However I’ve seen a few and I think this one is done much, much better. I hope to show some pictures on here when I’m done.
    ANYWAYS down to the point..

    I would like to assign some GPIO Pins so I can hook up my own LED and see the activity indicator from outside the case (in a way I have cleverly planned).

    I have looked into these instructions:
    Which is exactly what I want to do, however I have never compiled a kernel and I’m also afraid it may mess with the installation of RetroPie. (and the article is pretty dated).

    I would very much appreciate some assistance\pointers with my project.
    Thanks guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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