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    Hey people.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a Pi to use as a little emulation machine, and so got told about your project. Just before jumping in (it costs a little bit more than U$ 35,00 around here), I’d like to know you guys personal experience about arcade emulation.

    I’d like to run the MAME emulator, with a few specific games:
    – Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings
    – Aliens vc Predator
    – Captain Commando
    – Art of Fighting (1, 2, 3)
    – Fatal Fury (1, 2, 3, special, real bout, real bout 2)
    – The King of Fighters (everything up to 2003)
    – Street Fighter (everything up to III 3rd strike)
    – Metal Slug (all 4)
    – Samurai Shodown (1 to 5)
    – Last Blade (1 and 2)
    – Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    – Darkstalkers
    – The VS series from Capcom (X-Men and Marvel VS Capcom)

    As I read around, mame4all-pi, that is used on retropie, is based on an old version of MAME, that is already incompatible with some of those games (version 0.37 of MAME is from 2000) and, despite it being like that because of performance, I read about performance issues in some games. Is there anyone around that plays those games and uses another MAME version? What’s your experience with it?

    I was thinking about, maybe instead of using a Pi, getting a mini itx board, that is more powerful, but my idea was to get an inexpensive, small and lightweight device that I can carry around to my friend’s houses and plug in any TV, HDMI or not, so the Pi would be the better option.

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