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    Hello I’m still kind of new to this all retropie stuff and i think it’s awesome but my problem and question is i have a analog stick i took off of a broken blue tooth controller it has a X and a Y Pot on it look like both X and Y left outer pins are connected to VCC and the 2 right Outer pins are connected to ground the middle pins are what was connected to was GPIO or digital pin of some kind from the bluetooth. I’m trying to learn how can i wire it up to my Raspberry pi i never did before this way i do have a Dpad as well as A,B,X,Y and Start/Select on the GPIO pins. But not sure how to wire it up do i need to connect VCC 3.3v to it or just the ground and output pins? The other Question i have is how can i map the X and Y like i did in the config file?
    Thank you for any help sorry If I’m asking to much.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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