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    I’m using a wireless Xbox360 controller, and have successfully configured my retroarch.cfg file to allow the left stick to control up, down, left and right, and for the Xbox’s “A” button to be the primary fire button.

    I feel like the analog stick is (slightly) more faithful to the old Atari joystick of my youth that the digital direction pad. However, in games that would have been controlled by the paddle (i.e. Breakout, Super Breakout, Warlords, etc.), both the analog stick and the d-pad only seem to provide for maximum volatility (which makes the games effectively unplayable).

    Are there any retroarch.cfg settings to reduce the sensitivity of the analog stick?

    Is there some other means of improving the playability of Atari 2600 paddle games in Retropie with a modern controller?

    Thanks in advance!

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