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    i got a new Raspi and tested this amazing Module. Speechless!

    But now I have two questions:
    If I use my favorite “Amstrad CPC”, I have to write run “gamename” for starting the game. If I want to leave, START + STOP (equal to other emulators) doesn’t works.

    How can I start and leave automatically?

    Another question is:

    I’d tried to use MAME and have some ROMS in it. If I use the standalone MAME4ALL Module, the ROMS worked fine but not with the Emulationstation.

    Any ideas?!

    Thanks a lot,


    Need more info… :)

    Are you running the RetroPie SD card image? Which version?

    Where have you copied your MAME roms to on the Pi?

    Do you have MAME on the EmulationStation main menu? Do your games show up in the list when you select MAME from the main menu?


    No Problem :)

    1) yes on SD Card Version 2.3

    2) Internet for Version 0.37b5

    3) yes, I see the game on Emulation Station. In i try to Start Thema, there Codes an erforderlich (some Files are missing) but they work at the standalone mame4all.

    Thanks a Lot! :)


    Does anyone have an idea?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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