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    I am new to the Retropie phenomenon, but I am already hooked and striving for new things all along.

    I however have a few questions about the Amiga emulation. I have grasped the basics and have got the single disk games working (and even though I haven’t yet tried it I think I’m fairly sure about two disk ones as well).

    BUT – I would of course like to take the emulation further, and start configuring the uae4rpi, adding a hard drive and Workbench system to install games there etc. I understand the lack of GUI for doing disk exchanges during the run of the emulator, but am perfectly happy in making the hard drive file on a different emulator etc.

    However – crucial to this would be to get either the command line interface or the mentioned .uaerc file to actually load.

    Anyone know why this is not happening? I cannot even get the “./uae4rpi -h” command to give me help when executing, it seems fixed on just starting with the df0.adf disk no matter what I do.

    Is this a bug, a non implemented feature, or simply me doing something stupid?

    If this is a non implemented feature, do we have a timeframe as to when next update might be due? Or are there any other suitable UAE-clone that I should put my efforts into using instead?

    All the best,
    Björn Sundberg, Gotland, Sweden

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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