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    I have written a few scripts that I would like to run from the emulationstation. I have seen a few tutorials but still havent been able to get working. I have been trying to follow from here but dont see my script included with the other apps. Is there a video tut or updated how-to around?


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    place your scripts in the folder that you have designate in your es_systems.cfg


    so in the aformentioned example they would be placed in a folder called apps in the roms folder. they’ll show up if you have the same extensions on your files as indicated by this

    <extension>.sh .SH</extension>

    so in this case they would be shell scripts- if they still aren’t running even if they show up you may have to sudo chmod +x

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    Thank you. Turns out it was a dumb user error. I wasnt dropping the scripts in the right folder. I thought I changed it to <path>~/RetroPie/roms/apps</path> but it was still reading <path>~/RetroPie/roms/ports</path> in the es_systems.cfg. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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