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    Hi there,

    I managed to download, compile and integrate Virtual Jaguar into RetroPie/ES.
    Unfortunately, it runs into “cannot connect to xserver” error.

    Do I need to compile it again, pointing to SDL/dispmanx or is there another way to get it running?

    How may I support you to add this emulator in further releases?

    Keep up your amazing work! :)


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    why i know it had like 2 good games on it but it sucked commercial flop maybe virtual boy with no 3d its games (only like 18 i know) except water world id like that but wouldnt mind if not added

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    ashenshugar were you able to get Jaguar running? i am interested in this system being supported.

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    No, unfortunately not.
    The last suggestion I gave a try was running it from inside xwindow.
    It started, showing the menu for half a second, then closed down.

    Truth to tell I’m doing some of my first steps on Linux and I don’t have the knowledge of the other guys around here…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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