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    Hi All,

    First time poster. Appologies if this has been asked before. I did run a search but I may be looking for the wrong terminology.

    I’ve just received my first pi (pi3) and I installed retropie (without berry boot, not sure if thats an issue) from an image. I’m hoping to set up retropie so it will launch as normal, but I can then boot to Raspbian from the main sliding menu like I would any game. I’m not really experienced in linux so I’m not sure what my first step should be. I’ll clearly need to download Raspian from somewhere, and I’m guessing I’ll need a folder added to the bios section with a “.sh” linking to Raspian.

    If we’ve got an image that works on the pi3 that already has this functionality, that would be the easiest way. I have seen a few youtube videos where people in emulationstation have a “Raspian” icon in their menu.

    Other than that, some instructions that take into account I’m not going to know my way around linux too well would be great!

    This will hopefully allow me to get a bit of a blend of work and play going!



    Yo can do this one of two ways. First you can install LXDE onto your existing Retropie image. Or you can download and install Retropie on to a fresh raspbian image. LXDE works, but it just looks terrible.

    LXDE: https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/FAQ#where-did-the-desktop-go

    Manual Install, (Gives you better looking desktop, but you must install retropie yourself.):


    Thanks! I’ll go the LXDE route for now, and I’ll report back.

    The page you linked mentions having to run it through a “startx” command once its installed. Is there a way to add it to the menu too?

    Would that just be a new folder in the roms directory with an .sh which runs “startx”?


    In the retropie section, create a new file called “StartX.sh” minus quotes. Type this into terminal, sudo nano /home/pi/retropie/roms/retropie and type the following


    press ctrl + x, y, enter. reboot once file is saved properly. When back in ES, look in the retropie section for startx. select it, and you should be at desktop. You will need mouse and keyboard for desktop.

    Good luck


    You can also use the new directlaunch function. Which doesn’t require a shell script as it will launch a command directly from the main carousel in emulationstation

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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