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    So ive just got started with a Rpi and i like it, love it to be honest, easy to use and highly capable. Ive got it set up currently running retropie with two joysticks in a cocktail configuration, ive found a few mame games that have the ‘cabinet switch’ option so i can play it like this. My plan is to add another two joysticks on one side so i can play traditional two player games aswel. Now ive looked about and done my research but i have a few questions to which im struggling to get a definite answer.

    1) Does just switching off the power rather than shutting down damage the RPI. if so is it possible to use a button or switch to initiate shutdown and how would this work with turning the RPI on?

    2) The table im converting has a seperate board for audio, (volume control, speaker and amp) is it possible to leave this in situ and wire it through the GPIO’s to work? if not can i wire a twist dial volume control onto the pi?

    3)The obvious issue with this table design is that the emulation station isnt going to be orientated properly for one set of controls. If i have it set to the controls on one side then the cocktail table will have to view it on its side and vica versa (i have mame config changed so the cocktails place correct but the GUI is turned the other way). My thoughts on this, run two pi’s in the cabinet with a master switch to turn one on and other off, so you either play the cocktail or the side by side? the other plan, can i run two versions of retropie or emulation station off one machine? or finally can i programme a button just to rotate the screen when pressed?

    4) Final question, games. Im not asking for roms, i want legal copies, do they even exist for the cocktails? and can i put games i own onto this system, for example the 80-1 atari game pack?

    sorry for the long questions
    THANKYOU sam

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