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    Hi all,

    came across this on Kickstarter (yeah I know, don’t believe everything you see but still…) and it looked rather interesting.

    Amazingly low price for such huge performance. But what am I missing? When I see such things (especially the well established Raspberry Pi) I always get this gut feeling that there are some drawbacks to ever using such a system.

    Would someone tech savvy on such matters perhaps care to enlighten me? Because if one sees a RPi cost $35 and this $15 there must be some kind of drawback to the setup, right?

    EDIT: well I guess long term support (which is pretty much assured with the Raspberry Pi) is one thing.

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    seems decent! if it’s popular, the community will come.

    i wonder if it’s so cheap because it’s a bit of a loss-leader for revenue they hope to get from add-ons or android store sales? the raspberry pi organisation don’t really see any revenue after the initial sale, so it has to be all-in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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