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    Yusuke Urameshi

    Hy everybody!

    As the title sugests, im looking for make 4 players available in the following emus: Mame, PiFba, N64, Mega Drive.
    So far now i got to set things nice in mame and pifba, im stuck with the megadrive configs i’ve read about genesis-gx-plus and installed it, but i simply can’t figure out how to make 4 players works, i read somewhere that setting 4-wayplay or teamplay on p1 would work but this is not working here.
    my setup is kinda odd, for I want to make the keyboard p1 and 3 usb joysticks the other 3 players.
    They’re named differently and I (hope) managed to set their devices staticaly on udev (js0 will be always the same joystick, and so the others)

    If anyone seeing this post could help, even if I have to change emulator or mess in c/c++ code i will try to do.
    All I need is to make sega genesis emu run with 4 players so me and my friends could play YuYu Hakusho Makyoutohissen. :D
    If you need me to post any config files ask here, as well as any other info about setup. im running 3.0 beta 2 from retropie.
    thanks in advance.


    Hi there,

    For sega genesis try the things written here:

    How do I enable 4 player games (multitap) for sega genesis

    But as you follow the link i posted in there, it is not possible to make psx 4 players work, as there is no emulation for the psx multitap.

    Every station that worked out of the box with 4 players (like n64) works without the need of configuring anything. Just start the emulator with your controllers plugged in and start gaming ;-)

    Yusuke Urameshi

    Thank you Cortex,
    I will try n64 to see if the 4 players are working ‘out of the box’, as you say.
    hope it works!

    Oh and I tried what’s written on the link, but things simply don’t work, and I have no clue about the reason, sometimes the 1st joy controls both players, sometimes, i lose control both from keyboard (who is always player 1 on my config) and the joys, and need to kill the emu via ssh. And some other times just key and 1st joy work on default 2 players settings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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