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    So i’m working on a project where i’m building a retrobox out of a defect Nintendo 64. I’m using the latest image of retropie on a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve hooked up all the original console ports to the pi, using the suggested pins (3,5,7 and 29 if i remember correctly). So the status is now:

    All ports works on the main menu, all ports are tested on 2 diffrent controllers.
    In jstest, they are listed as:
    Player1: js4
    Player2: js5
    Player3: js2
    Player4: js3
    They all give good values in jstest.

    The situation and problem:
    When i start up mupen64plus, it only detects player 3 and 4. In Mario Kart 64, i am able to select characters.

    As you might understand from this, we can eliminate errors in wireing and the remotes themselfs, as they show up good in jstest, it might even be a matter of configuration. I’ve tried a lot, but can’t get it right. I was thinking maybe setting device number equal to the jsX number woud assign the jsX to player X, but still didn’t work.

    If some of you can help me, and need more info, plz ask, i will get you what you need asap

    Thanks a ton,
    I’l might post something about the build when i’ve got it up and running :)

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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