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    I recently used Floobs videos to configure my controls for mupen64plus and the neogeo on the RetroPie 2.6 which worked absolutly perfect for me.

    Now I got my new Raspberry Pi 2 and I installed the RetroPie 3.0beta2 Image. After a few problems with my wireless Xbox 360 Controller which is connected via the official Microsoft dongle everything work quite nice, except of two things.

    1. I can’t configure buttons on my joystick to for example exit the mumpen64plus. In 2.6 it worked for example with “J0B12”, which I configured at “/opt/retropie/configs/n64/mupen64plus.cfg”. Now it doesn’t. Can someone please tell me which command I have to enter?

    2. The neogeo emulator seems to be different than the one from the 2.6. It also doesn’t work. Is there a way to get it running like in the 2.6 version or is there another solution?

    I did everything like descripted in Floobs video:
    1. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2i0xsf_retropie-how-to-get-n64-emulation-working-on-the-raspberry-pi_videogames
    2. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2icw2z_retropie-running-neo-geo-games-on-a-raspberry-pi-gngeo_videogames

    But now they’re a bit outdated. :(

    Please help. :)


    In RetroPie 3, the NeoGeo roms go in

    Then when you run one of the roms, press x to choose “gngeo” as the emulator (assuming thats the emulator you have the romsets for).
    You only have to choose a default emulator once.

    Do the same (press x) when you start a n64 rom, just to confirm you are using the right emulator.


    Thanks for that. But how can I change the controls in gngeo now? I wanted to do it like in your guide:

    1. Go to: /home/pi/.gngeo/gngeorc

    2. Add this text:
    #p1control A=K122,B=K120,C=K97,D=K115,START=K49,COIN=K51,UP=K273,DOWN=K274,LEFT=K276,RIGHT=K275,MENU=K27
    p1control A=J0B4,B=J0B5,C=J0B6,D=J0B7,START=J0B13,COIN=J0B12,UP=J0B0,DOWN=J0B1,LEFT=J0B2,RIGHT=J0B3,MENU=J0B14
    country europe
    system arcade

    But unfortunatly I can’t find that file anymore.

    Do you know, where I can find it?


    It should be in


    Unfortunalty there is no such folder. There is “/opt/retropie/configs/neogeo/” but no “gngeorc” (and also no file with that name if you meant that).
    Only the emulators.cfg


    Ok I got it. I just had to create the file and put the text in it. -.- :D

    Ok so I got one last problem. When I configured my Xbox 360 Pad as a Retroarch Controller, it gave my dpad the followig config:

    input_up_btn = "h0up"
    input_down_btn = "h0down"
    input_left_btn = "h0left"
    input_right_btn = "h0right"

    Now I wonder how I should bring that in the gngeorc file.
    I tried “J0Bh0up” and so on. But that didn’t work. :(


    There are some examples here:

    So it looks like:

    Some more details:

    # some sample joystick configuration
    # Xbox360
    # p1control A=J0B0,B=J0B1,C=J0B2,D=J0B3,START=J0B6,COIN=J0B10,UP=J0a1,DOWN=J0a1,LEFT=J0A0,RIGHT=J0A0,MENU=J0B7
    # Dualshock2
    # p1control A=J0B2,B=J0B1,C=J0B3,D=J0B0,START=J0B9,COIN=J0B8,UP=J0a1,DOWN=J0a1,LEFT=J0A0,RIGHT=J0A0
    # Meaning of the code:
    # Kxxx : keyboad key number xxx
    # JxByy : Joystick number x Button 
    # JxAyy : Joystick number x Axe yy (use a lowercase 'a' if you need to invert the axis)
    # JxHyy : Joystick number x Hat yy
    # by the way, you can define a button multiple time, for example A=J0B0,A=K123,etc..
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