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    I hope someone can help me fixing 2 problems.
    1. How to force using D-PAD instead of analog in UAE4ALL?

    2. How successfully make a remap in the SNES(pocketsnes) emulator?
    I’m using the latest 3.5 retropie version on the rpi zero. I’m starting for example Super Mario Collection and with the global mapping of the Controller i can choose any Game i want. But when the game starts, the controller stops working. Then I push F1 on the keyboard and go the the controller input menu to make a remap of all buttons. Then im resuming the content and still can’t move the character with my controller. Visiting the remap menu I realize that the remap weren’t saved. Even enabling the option of saving the configuration automaticaly by leaving the menu.
    I will be gratefull for any help an sugestions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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