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    Does anybody know how to configure The Final Burn Alpha (PiFBA) to allow 2 players? When using my keyboard I can hit TAB to add coins but hitting Enter only selects Player 1.

    I have found the key binds online and nothing mentions player 2:

    ‘up arrow’ Up direction
    ‘down arrow’ Down direction
    ‘left arrow’ Left direction
    ‘right arrow’ Right direction
    ‘control’ Button 1 (starts a game in the frontend)
    ‘alt’ Button 2
    ‘space’ Button 3
    ‘shift’ Button 4
    ‘z’ Button 5
    ‘x’ Button 6
    ‘return’ Start button (starts a game)
    ‘tab’ Select button (opens config menu in the frontend)
    ‘escape’ Quit
    ‘L+R+SELECT’ Service Mode

    Unfortunately, I do not get the front end option when launching out of emulation station so I have not been able to access the config menu referenced above. All tab does is adds coins.

    Any help would be appreciated. My son and I have been looking forward to playing some Marvel VS Capcom against each other but have been unable to so far.

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    I am having the exact same problem. Both controls work on other emulators and I am a complete noob to all this :(

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    see configs near the bottom for an example. it might be different for your controller but template is the same.

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    Wow it worked. Thank you so much!!!!

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