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    So I got a .cfg that works great with a xbox360 wired controller. And one that works great with a PS3 Rock Candy wireless controller.

    But when I try to get both controllers working at the same time they both show up as player 1 on the controllers Light and funky things happen buttons get confused and at some points both wont work at all.

    Is this not possible to get 2 different types to work at the same time? Or perhaps its user error? Would be nice to know before I keep trying to get them working if it can’t happen.


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    which emulator are you using? It was a pain for me to get an x360 and a ds3 working with n64/psx but got there eventually. Let me know and I can help with those two, video where I set up the controls for n64 here:

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    what helped/did the trick for me to get it to work under N64 was manually modify the mupen64plus.cfg file. make sure to set all controllers there to mode 0 (manual configuration) otherwise your manual changes will be overwritten.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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