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    Just a few things I noticed that might want to be updated for the next version.

    The new folders are there for 32x and segaCD but they don’t have share permissions setup. So when you want to not use a FTP program and just use Windows networking to drop files in, these guys won’t show up until you share them. You can always go about it in the FTP, just saying it was setup that way for all the other folders but not the new ones.

    Just some comments.

    Love the clean Retroarch.cfg file, I did notice these lines for SNES

    audio_driver = ALSA (I acutally forgot the correct driver) but it was something like the sound was so bad in Snes games, I just edited it and changed it to SDL and seems to be a lot better.

    Might just be me but that driver made SNES games sound bad as it might make SegaCD and stuff sound great because I think the global setting now is ALSAthread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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