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Let me throw a (very affordable!) alternative into the ring: . I bought this controller on a whim, because it looked like an excellent one for emulators. And it is! It’s layed out just like a Dualshock controller, but with a Saturn/Genesis six button layout (which is the best). It is very well made and sturdy, especially for the price, and I have had zero problems with mine.

I do have two minor gripes, though. First, the D-pad (which is actually four separate direction buttons) is “okay.” It’s not bad, but the buttons are a bit too stiff and it takes some getting used to. The second is the lack of dedicated “start” or “select” buttons. These have been replaced with “turbo” and “clear” buttons, and they cannot be otherwise reprogrammed. That said, there is no system that requires all the buttons available on this controller. Therefore, it can be set up and reprogrammed to work great with each one (depending on the system, you can just use two of the should buttons for start/select, or two of the six “normal” buttons, or the L3 R3 analog stick buttons)

Overall, it is a wonderful controller for emulators, and at $10 each, it’s hard to beat price-wise.