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I need your help in order to improve the articles and information that you are reading. If you have any suggestions or any open questions, I would be glad if you could point me to the specific points in the articles where you would expect certain kinds of information! I am also glad that we are talking right now.

If you have the RetroPie GPIO adapter (, the simplest way for enabling the button would be to
– use the Sd-card image
– Enable SNESDev from within the RetroPie Setup Script
– do not enable the gamecon driver and SNESDev at the same time, because both access the GPIO pins and they do interfere with each other.

If you press the button 3 times, the press of the ESC key is simulated. If you press the button 5 times, the shutdown command is executed.

For connecting SNES controllers to the GPIO adapter, the central diagram is given at If you are sure that the wiring is correct, I wouldn’t suggest to enable SNESDev with the setup script. I have also attached two images to this post that show the wiring between the crimp connector and the two SNES connectors. If you are following the described wiring between the connectors, and you are using the GPIO adapter, and you are using SNESDev and the SD-card image, then things should work!

Btw: The RetroPie Setup Script installs SNESDev in the directory /usr/local/bin. A binary and (optionally) the sources of SNESDev can also be found in /home/pi/RetroPie/supplementary/SNESDev-RPi, but these are not used when SNESDev is enabled with the RetroPie Setup Script.

I hope this helps!?