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Just to add to the discussion, I’m having the =========== issue as well. Everything works fine but the actual launching of the roms. I’ve replaced the runcommand.sh file with one I made via copy-pasting the fix code into Notepad++ and saving as a .sh file through the built in options. However, now when I attempt to start a rom I get the ======== as well as a line about permission being denied for runcommand.sh. I figure that the way I put in the file (WinSCP straight into the directory overwriting the initial file) must have messed things up, but I’m pretty new to the Pi and Unix/Linux so I’m a bit stumped as what to do.

Also, I did go in via vi and look as the existing runcommand.sh file in my Pi’s memory and as best I can tell, it’s exactly the same as the fix file’s text. I could be wrong though. I also haven’t attempted to launch any roms directly as I’m not terribly sure how to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I really want to start playing some retro games soon!