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the the setup script again and make sure to go to option #10 in the setup and make sure your are wired just like in the diagram. after you are sure you are go to terminal and type sudo modprobe gamecon_gpio_rpi map=0,0,2,2 then reboot
after you come back up it Will see your controller then F4 out to prompt and go to the folder and do the command as decrpibed above. after a reboot you should be good. i might wipe my system and try again to make sure i understand everything correctly.

go to

about 1/2 way down the page there is a code box that had the readme file in it.

i got so confused by that portion that we are intrested in but i “cracked the code” lol

Their like digital dip switches the first number corresponds to GPIO0 (NOT PIN) and so on. i was trying to give it a pin and then a controller as in map=72 or 52 (for pin 5 nes controller)

i hope this helps