Jonathan Demarks
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[quote=1654]Hi, really nice build/idea, I am currently working on my own little project, will share when done. could you please link me to the process of resetting the games via the GPIO pins please?



I’m using the SNESDev-Rpi (also PetRockBlog) to handle that. The link is here and it describes how to download build and install it as a service so you no longer need a keyboard:

    Here are a few extras though to use it with the PS button:

  1. Move line 331 in src/main.c (initializePads( &pads );) to under line 340 (if (pollPads) {) to squash a bug.
  2. Add these two lines under line 333 (if (pollButton) {)
    1. bcm2835_gpio_fsel(buttonPin, BCM2835_GPIO_FSEL_INPT);
    2. bcm2835_gpio_set_pud(buttonPin, BCM2835_GPIO_PUD_UP);
  3. Make sure the SNESDev-Rpi is set to start up in mode 2 (poll button only).

I have attached my main.c for reference, but it does a couple other things (changes esc to one button press and shutdown to 3).