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Basically its a known bug that needs to be fixed and until the developers sort it out in the source code, unless you know how to compile things, you’ll have to be patient until the developers add it.

A repo is short for repository- the repository is where the source code is held (typically on websites like github and sourcefourge) retropie simply put is just a repository of scripts that link to other repositories to install the needed emulators, settings, etc. So in your case the repository retropie is scripted to for pifba is out of date and doesn’t yet include the functionality you seek, but the developers are working on updating the repository to include that functionality. Once they update it you will be able to reinstall the pifba emulator through the retropie setup script. I personally don’t know enough about compiling to manually add the newest pifba emulator ( I usually just let the developers handle the more technical stuff) but you could also change the emulator to libretro-fba by pressing x or m as a ROM loads and then it will utilise retroarch controller configs but then you may have to rebuild your romset with clrmamepro because I think lr-fba uses a different version of ROMs than pifba which is explained in this post: https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Managing-ROMs