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so I just found out, that completely disconnecting the wireless receiver makes it at least possible to use the menu with the keyboard. I will go on and try some different combinations of installing drivers and using it without drivers, with no controllers connected etc.


yeah, the combo of SELECT + f1 on my keyboard allows me to access the retro arch menu in-emu. a decent workaround as it lets me edit the cfg much easier now :D

Regarding the “never needing to push a hotkey on the keyboard before where escape and f1 just worked” this has been issue since around January and to be honest I think its an issue with the retroarch code and the “nul” key binding this is the post I had on it a while back and never really sorted it out (I just changed the hotkey to alt from the setup script)


hmm, I think I may have remapped something in the main retroarch.cfg then because I swear the ESC key and function keys work in the image of beta 2 that I burned to my SD card. but like i said above select + f1 seems to work and lets me navigate the retroarch gui menu just fine :D

thanks for the advice y’all