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Since my opinion is like patrickm’s post I ask if anyone had issues running Retropie by SDCard and Roms by USB drive?
I have a 4GB SDcard (got it free) where I have Retropie image and all my roms are in a 64GB USB Drive.
So far I got no problems at all but somehow I figured out some time ago that if I have my USB Drive as ext4 and I don’t have saving problems (I got them when it was Fat32) nor loading problems.
Everything runs fast enough for me and the only thing I think it will improve running OS by USB is the Retropie startup because it takes some time to load all my roms for the first time.
In my opinion to run a “real” OS (like raspian or ubuntu mate) this guide will be the best choice but to run Retropie I don’t see any advantage since it takes less time using another sdcard and if something go wrong it can be a huge frustration to lose a lot of roms.
For the other hand I have another RPi for multiple purposes and I got a “generic” USB drive (64GB as well) with a folder in it with some roms and I can run them like a charm just by plugging it to my RPi. This is why I like USB Drive option most.
Correct me if I’m wrong.