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Hey! Thanks for replying. Good to know about the update!

Wrt retroarch, it just doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried with a generic snes USB pad, and only the d-pad, SELECT, START, A & B work. X, Y & shoulder buttons dont. I’ve also tried a ps3 controller wired and that just goes haywire.

Both these pads are detected just fine in jstest so I know they work on the pi. Apparently the stock configs that come with the image are causing problems:

So I’m going to try a fresh install, then delete all the configs, then run retroarch setup.

Thing is, I’m building this as a birthday present for my niece and I want her to be able to use the right pads for the right systems, or as far as possible anyway. I’m thinking a snes pad would work fine for the 8bit and 16bit consoles (as well as atari, c64 etc) whilst a ps3 controller would suit other systems with more elaborate controllers.

Is that possible? To configure retroarch as the master controller to use a ps3 pad, but then override individual emulators (nes/snes/megadrive etc) to use the generic snes style pad?

Retroarchs configs are all over the place and I find it a bit confusing :D