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Not sure why you cant upload pics here – are they over 2MB? Do you get an error message?

Not sure you can compare a CRT per se, as they all seem to differ a little.
When you say 6×5 scale, can you confirm what you mean from a config file point of view so I can compare in my setup?

When you use a multiplier based on the integer scale, I think it will go to the max it can for the res, so if a SNES has native output at (height) 239 pixels, 4x integer scale would be 956 – which wouldnt fit on a 720p screen – so it puts out the closest to it, which would be 3x, which is 717 in height.

I’m assuming it falls back to a smaller res anyway, based on this:

Therefore you could use more of the screen by specifing a precise ratio increase instead, although in the example above, 3x is only 3 pixels out :)

It would be more apparent on 1080p. 239 x 5x = 1195, so it would fall back to 956.

But if you did 1080 / 239 = 4.51.
So you could do 239 * 4.51 for height, and 256 * 4.51 for width.
That way you keep the native output ratio and use more screen area?

I’m presuming you specify a large than 1080p res so a certain area falls outside the viewable area to emulate how it often appeared on CRTs?