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[quote=98781]Ok, I could write profiles for 4x and 5x. Lets sort out the 5x settings first when you can check them and I’ll put that together.

Do you mean this should also be added in your settings?
# video_crop_overscan = true


For snes9x-next, crop overscan needs to be ON because there is a bug; ON is actually OFF.

For all other systems, crop overscan should be left OFF.

If you crop overscan you change the output frame size which interferes with scaling.

However, some cores seem to not even have crop overscan, such that it doesn’t matter if it is ON or OFF.

Since this is the case, I would just advise leaving it OFF for all systems so that the output frame is unaltered, with the exception of snes9X-next, where crop overscan must be ON.

I’m double checking each system as I write this but I believe the above is correct.

I’ll also send you specific resolutions for each system for the 5x and 4x profiles. A 3x profile would be nice as well, for 720 displays. I made a 3x scanline overlay that can go with it; I’ll work on getting all these overlays together in one package.

Having this setup script is actually a very handy idea, I was thinking of something similar a couple weeks ago. Glad you made it :)