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[quote=98773]I’m trying to boil down the differences between the two approaches from a retroarch config angle (as opposed to personal opinions).

One element seems to be:
video_scale_integer = “true” / “false”
video_smooth = “false” / “true”

and separately the pixels specified in:
custom_viewport_width =
custom_viewport_height =

What else am I missing?


That’s essentially it – I’d like to see separate profiles for 4x and 5x if possible. I personally use 5x but I understand if maybe some people want to see EVERY line put out by a console, even if it got cropped on a real TV.

I’m recommending video-smooth be left off so that nearest neighbor scaling is used, but there’s nothing preventing someone from using video smooth with integer scaling if they prefer it for some reason. This will however effect the appearance of scanlines by causing some pixels to bleed over them.

I’m still at work (lol) so I’ll check those settings you posted when I get home :)

One important thing you’re missing is crop overscan: most of the time you want this left off, but sometimes it needs to be on- snes9x-next is one example that comes to mind. I have all this written down at home :)